Dispatching in Andernach

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Before you get your approval to run the service on a signal box, you need to find out about the local characteristics. After training as a general trainee signalman, dispatchers were always paired with a person skilled in the signal box. This chapter is the brief introduction to the area. Read it carefully. It contains very important information.

The text is "peer to peer" written as if you are in the signal box, the first day after training.

Have a more detailed look at the Andernach panel here.

Bahnhof Andernach

Pb kand station.png

The station of Andernach is a relative easy layout. However, there is a lot of through traffic due to the left Rhine Line. This is a major railway artery in Germany. On the left line along the Rhine all the major passenger trains and the fast freight trains are scheduled in a tight time table.

Therefore, you have to pay a lot of attention to get them through on time. Especially notice the commuter trains from Koblenz (Weissenthurm). Some of those go to track 3 to be overtaken by a fast IC train on track 2. Do not mess up with that, as the commuter train will have to wait for its scheduled departure time. In that case, the IC train need to go around. And they really don’t like that!

If you have engineering works or major delays, you really can have fun in Andernach! You will need your brains then!

Additionally, there is some switching/shunting going on in the yard due to the sheet metal factory in Andernach. You will see some freight trains going in and out from Koblenz. However, the weekends are really slow there. For the local works, you have a BR 290 loco available and most of the time there is a BR 140 on stock. Look in the notes where they’re located. Feel free to use them!

Also there are some trains going to the harbour to exchange some cars. But that’s not impressive amount of traffic.

More interesting is the commuter traffic between Andernach and Mayen Ost via Kruft via tracks 101 and 102. This is the Pellenz-Eifel-Railway. They always go to track 24. Once a day during rush hour, there is a through train from Mayen to Koblenz.


Rheingold : Destinations used in Timetable

Short Name Full Name
KAND Andernach
KBRO Brohl
KMYO Mayen
KWEH Weißenthurm

Track lengths

Track lengths Andernach

Track Length (m)
Andernach 1 500
Andernach 2 500
Andernach 3 450
Andernach 4 550
Andernach 5 500
Andernach 6 400
Andernach 7 200
Andernach 8 200
Andernach 24 250

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