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Before you get your approval to run the service on a signal box, you need to find out about the local characteristics. After training as a general trainee signalman, dispatchers were always paired with a person skilled in the signal box. This chapter is the brief introduction to the area. Read it carefully. It contains very important information.

The text is "peer to peer" written as if you are in the signal box, the first day after training.

Have a more detailed look at the Koblenz-Lützel panel here.

Signal Box Koblenz-Lützel


The signal box of Koblenz-Lützel is located along the electrified double-track main line 'Linke Rheinstrecke', line number 2630 from Cologne to Mainz between the stations of Weißenthurm and Koblenz Hbf.


Neighbouring Dispatching Areas

On the left bottom (tracks 22/33) we have the connecting tracks towards Koblenz Hbf, which is part of the dispatching area of Koblenz Hbf (KKO). These are called the Rhine tracks (Rheingleise). Another track also connects our signal box with Koblenz Hbf, which is the so-called 'Oberstromgleis' 444. Only on that track bi-directional running (Gleiswechselbetrieb or GWB) towards and from Koblenz Hbf is possible.

On the top left (track 004/451) we have the track towards Koblenz-Mosel Gbf. Many freight trains to and from Saarbrücken, France or Luxembourg will pass over these tracks to either leave or join the Linke Rheinstrecke or Rechte Rheinstrecke.

On the center bottom (tracks 971/974) we see the tracks towards Neuwied, the connecting line to the Rechte Rheinstrecke.

On the right bottom (tracks 002/412) the 'Linke Rheinstrecke' will leave our dispatching area to the North towards Weißenthurm. The station of Weißenthurm (KWEH) is the next controlled location in this direction. Bi-directional running towards and from Weißenthurm is possible.

Koblenz-Lützel Pbf

Koblenz-Lützel Pbf

Only two services have their stops at Koblenz-Lützel Pbf. Train serie SE 6300 runs between Koblenz Hbf and Köln Hbf via the East Rhine Railway (Rechte Rheinstrecke). In other words, those trains go via Neuwied. The platform stops are at track 3 and 4. Train serie SE 7300 runs between Koblenz Hbf and Köln-Deutz via the West Rhine Railway (Linke Rheinstrecke). So these trains go via Urmitz. The platform stops for this train serie are at platform 1 and 2.

The trains of series 3400 and 6300 will go to or come from Koblenz Hbf via the so-called Oberstromgleis (444). Trains via this track must be offered to the dispatcher of Koblenz Hbf. The dispatcher of Koblenz Hbf will do the same when he wants to send a train via this track towards Koblenz-Lützel. Do not forget to have the direction changed when setting routes for trains towards this Oberstromgleis, to avoid unnessecary route revoking or extra waiting time.

Only trains that drive over the Linke Rheinstrecke have a steering number assigned.

Any other trains to/from Koblenz Hbf go via the so-called Rhine tracks (22 and 23)

Trains from Koblenz Mosel into the direction of Weißenthurm should preferably be routed via track 1, so that they can accelerate as soon as possible. Trains from Koblenz Mosel towards Weißenthurm should be routed via track 1 if possible. In that case they can start accelerate as sson as possible. But beware: Some trains have a scheduled stop in Koblenz-Lützel to be overtaken by fast trains at Koblenz Hbf. In that case you should stick to the planned stop at track 3.

Koblenz-Lützel Gbf (Museum)

Koblenz-Lützel Gbf / Museum

IMPORTANT: The timetable is based on the year 1996. The DB Museum in Koblenz-Lützel opened its doors in April 2001. For this reason, you will NOT find any museum related trains in the official timetable of the Koblenz-Lützel simulation.

The tracks of Koblenz-Lützel Gbf are located between the passenger station of Koblenz-Lützel and the junction where the line splits into the direction of Weißenthurm and Neuwied. Koblenz-Lützel Gbf itself is operated from a local signal box there. When a trains needs to be sent towards Koblenz-Lützel Gbf, all we do is set an entrance route towards it. The dispatcher of Koblenz-Lützel Gbf will do the rest.

The branch line towards Koblenz-Metternich (400) is only used to get to a quarry in Ochtendung. Ballast trains go to and from Ochtendung to transport the ballast to the construction site of the high-speed line Cologne-Rhein/Main. The rest of the tracks towards Mayen Ost are already closed. The ballast trains need to turn around and change traction in the freight yard (Gbf) at track 13.

At the bottom right of this area, we have track 36, we have the connection to Rheinhafen (Rhine harbor). Just a couple of times trains will go or arrive from there. A container loading station is located there, as well as scrap and so on will be loaded there. The harbour has its own locomotive. The locomotive commutes several times a day between the Rheinhafen and the freight yard Gbf. Shunters of the Rheinhafen use the track for access to and exit from the freight yard. The shunters use track 10 for bringing the cars from Rheinhafen. Departure towards the Rheinhafen is always done from track 15.



Only service SE 7300 has its stops at Urmitz. Trains out of the direction of Weißenthurm stop at platform track 1 (501). Trains towards Weißenthurm and further stop at platform track 3 (503). Caution: track 502 track has no platform, so passenger trains stopping in Urmitz have go to track 3!

The area of Urmitz is the only location where delayed or slow traffic can be overhauled. Traffic towards Koblenz Hbf / Koblenz-Mosel can be overhauled by taking them into track 410. Into the other direction, we have the tracks 503 and 504 at Urmitz to do the same. But you have to be sure that a certain train fits on the tracks there.

You should not send delayed trains into Koblenz-Lützel Gbf. First of all, you will surely cause delays for other trains. Additionally, the local dispatcher there is not too happy if you use his tracks to temporarily stable your trains.

Abzw. Kesselheim

Abzw. Kesselheim

Junction Kesselheim. Shortly after this junction, the trains cross the river Rhine into the direction of Neuwied. From there the trains can continue their journey over the East Rhine Railway (Rechte Rhein Strecke).

Freight trains to and from Koblenz-Lützel Gbf go via track 980. This avoids the situation where they must cross the tracks of the main line Koblenz Hbf - Urmitz/Weissenthurm, and thus avoids delays.

Freight trains out of the direction of Koblenz Hbf via the Rhein tracks are also prefered to be routed via this track 980. Into the other direction to Koblenz Hbf should be done with care as well. Normally we let them cross the tracks towards Urmitz, and set a route via 976 and 002, and onwards to Kobelnz Hbf (22). Your second option is to send such trains via 980 -> 01 -> 002 towards Koblenz Hbf.

Really pay attention to the timetable for freight trains coming from Neuwied. All trains from there have no steering number assigned, so you must know or refer to the timetable, where to send each train.


Rheingold : Destinations used in Timetable

Short Name Full Name
FMZ Mainz Hbf
KAND Andernach
KK Köln Hbf
KKES Kesselheim
KWEH Weißenthurm
KKO Koblenz Hbf
KOCH Ochtendung
KKOE Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein
KKOL Koblenz-Lützel
KKOLP Koblenz-Lützel Pbf
KKOLM Koblenz-Lützel Gbf
KKOM Koblenz Mosel Gbf
KKOT Koblenz-Metternich
KMYO Mayen Ost
KNE Neuwied
KNL Niederlahnstein
KUR Urmitz
STR Trier Hbf

Track lengths

Track lengths Koblenz-Lützel Pbf

Track Length (m)
Koblenz-Lützel 1 800
Koblenz-Lützel 2 800
Koblenz-Lützel 3 800
Koblenz-Lützel 4 800

Track lengths Urmitz

Track Length (m)
Urmitz 501 800
Urmitz 502 800
Urmitz 503 300
Urmitz 504 600
Urmitz 410 400

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