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Before you get your approval to run the service on a signal box, you need to find out about the local characteristics. After training as a general trainee signalman, dispatchers were always paired with a person skilled in the signal box. This chapter is the brief introduction to the area. Read it carefully. It contains very important information.

The text is "peer to peer" written as if you are in the signal box, the first day after training.

Have a more detailed look at the Remagen panel here.

Signal Box Remagen

Stellwerk Remagen

Some data of the signal box:

  • 72 switches/points/turnouts
  • 113 signals
  • 173 track sections
  • 66 network length in total
  • 943 possible routes (train, shunt, alternatives)
  • 390 buttons on the panel
  • 72x30 panel tiles (= 2160 panel tiles)
  • 1 level crossing (type Vollschranke = Full Barrier crossing)
  • Group buttons on the panel
  • Number Entry Panel
  • ZNP801 Dispatcher Communication System
  • Zs 6 signals
  • Signal Brightness / Panel Brightness adjustable
  • axle counters and axle counter reset button
  • Train routes without and alternate overlap (where allowed)


  • Line Operations with Bonn-Bad Godesberg (and in future with Brohl)


The signal box of Remagen is located along the electrified double-track main line 'Linke Rheinstrecke', line number 2630 from Cologne to Mainz between the stations of Bonn-Mehlem and Brohl.

In Remagen we have also have the branch line, named the 'Ahrtalbahn', towards Ahrbrück. This line has line number 3000. This non-electrified line has double track up to Walportzheim.

The stations of Oberwinter and Sinzig are remotely controlled so in case of emergency, these stations also can be operated locally.

Neighbouring Dispatching Areas

On the top right (track 360/361) are the connecting tracks towards the dispatching area of Bonn-Bad Godesberg (KBBG). First controlled location there is the siding of 'Neuer Wegen' (KNEW). Wrong line operation (GWB) towards and from Bonn-Bad Godesberg is possible.

On the center left (955/956 tracks) we have the 'Ahrtalbahn'. Neighbouring dispatcher is Nf - Bad Neuenahr (KNEB). Between Remagen and Bad Neuenahr there are are two stps: Bad Bodendorf (KBOD) and Heimersheim (KHEH). As this route is not electrified, you need to use the FfrT button to set routes towards it.

On the bottom left (track 479/482) the 'Linke Rheinstrecke' will leave our dispatching area into the direction of Brohl (Stw Bf). The station of Brohl (KBRO) is the next controlled location in this direction. Wrong line operation is not available here.

Bi-directional running

Bi-directional running, in German called Gleiswechselbetrieb (GWB), is actually left hand running instead of the usual right hand running on the open line. The infrastructure is equipped with automatic block(s) which can be used into both directions. GWB is possible between Sinzig and Remagen, Remagen and Oberwinter, Oberwinter - (Rolandseck) - Bonn-Bad Godesberg. However, GWB has its limitations because from the GWB cannot be reached from all tracks, and not all tracks can be reached from GWB.

The following tracks can not be accessed from within GWB:

  • Towards the North -->
    • Remagen track 1
    • Oberwinter track 2 and 4
  • Towards the South <--
    • Sinzig track 1

Exit routes from tracks into GWB are not possible for:

  • Towards the North -->
    • Remagen track 1
    • Oberwinter track 2 and 4
  • Towards the South <--
    • Sinzig track 1

You need to use the EaGT button to change the direction of the automatic blocks towards. You must offer a train to Bonn-Bad Godesberg prior to sending trains into GWB on the line Oberwinter - Bonn-Bad Godesberg. This is not required for the open lines Sinzig - Remagen and Remagen - Oberwinter, as these lines are completely in your own dispatching area.


Rolandseck is located on the open line towards Bonn-Bad Godesberg between sections 365/363 and 364/362. The series RB 7300 is the only service which sometimes stops at Rolandseck.



Normally we have Oberwinter running in Sellbstbetrieb (auto fleeting) as all traffic goes via track 302 for trains from Remagen towards Bonn-Bad Godersberg, and via track 301 for traffic from Bonn-Bad Godesberg towards Remagen.

The series SE 3500 and RB 7300 are the only services which stop at Oberwinter.

It could get funny in Oberwinter when there is wrong line operation from Remagen towards Oberwinter via track 353. The only way is to set a train route from 353 into the direction of Bonn-Bad Godesberg is via track 303. From there on we can get a train back to the normal line (352) or continue wrong line operation towards KBBG via track 351.



Normally we have Remagen running in Sellbstbetrieb (auto fleeting) as there is not that much variation in track occuption at Remagen station. And for those few exceptions, we just have to make sure that we set our routes in time before the Sellbstbetrieb does it for us. But it is no problem if you switch the Sellbstbetrieb off for signals F954, P001, A951 and N003. Switch auto fleeting off for each signal using the SBRT button and the signal button. If you are more used to how we normally work, you can switch it on again using the SBET button together with signal buttons.

The station of Remagen has 5 platform tracks. The trains from the south (Brohl) normally stop at track 001. Only train series SE 3500 and RB 7300 have to go to track 002, as these trains have a long stop and will be overtaken by an IC. Trains from the North (Bonn) normally have their stops at track 003. The exception on this rule is again applicable for train series SE 3500 and RB 7300. They will have a long stop at track 004.

Other services that stop at Remagen are the series IR 2300, IR 2400, IR 2500 and a couple of D trains.

Track 005, and in some cases, track 004 are used for the trains to and from the Arthalbahn. The Arthalbahn starts at Remagen, and connects into the direction of Bad-Neuenahr via track 955 and 956. It is a non-electrified line, so you need to use the FfrT group button for setting routes towards track 955. Train series RB 7100 are the trains to and from the Arthalbahn.

Track 068 is out of order. We have taken measures to avoid that we accidentally stable a train there.

A refueling station for diesel locomotives is located along track 121.

There are a some derailers here, so do not forget to put them back to their base position afterwards. The flashing indicator will remind you to do so though.

Sinzig (Rhein)


A couple of trains in the RB 7300 also a service between Remagen and Koblenz. Those trains have a short stop in Sinzig. All other trains just pass by this little station.

Left from Sinzig we have the possibilty to put a delayed train towards Brohl to the side, so that they can be overtaken by another train. That could also be done via Sinzig track 3 (443, 403, 413) but then you'd have to cross the opposite track and yes, this is rarely possible and costs a lot more time.

Also left from Sinzig we have one level crossing (km 58.106) with full barriers. If a route has been set and the barriers have closed, we need to confirm that the level crossing is free of other traffic. You will hear a bell ringing as long as the barriers are closing. Secure the level crossing with the BüFT group button and the yellow dotted button of the level crossing. (* this is an expert option)

In Sinzig we have locked track 414, 424 and 463, as those tracks haven't been used for years.

Bad Breisig

Bad Breisig is located on the open line left from Sinzig. The only train series that do stop here are the RB 7300 trains.


Rheingold : Destinations used in Timetable

Short Name Full Name
KRE Remagen
KROL Rolandseck
KOWI Oberwinter
KSIZ Sinzig
KBRE Bad Breisig
KBOD Bad Bodendorf
KHEH Heimersheim

Street Names of Level Crossings

Box info Mile Post Steet Name
I 1 km 58.106 Goldene Meile

Track lengths

Track lengths Rolandseck

Track Length (m)
Rolandseck 1 450
Rolandseck 2 450

Track lengths Oberwinter

Track Length (m)
301 450
302 450
303 450
304 450

Track lengths Remagen

Track Length (m)
001 600
002 400
003 600
004 450
005 400
006 576
007 531
008 285
009 157
110 166
111 145
151 600

Track lengths Sinzig

Track Length (m)
401 600
402 600
403 400
409 800
424 150

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