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Before you get your approval to run the service on a signal box, you need to find out about the local characteristics. After training as a general trainee signalman, dispatchers were always paired with a person skilled in the signal box. This chapter is the brief introduction to the area. Read it carefully. It contains very important information.

The text is "peer to peer" written as if you are in the signal box, the first day after training.

Have a more detailed look at the Sp Dr S 60-Stellwerk Herzogenrath panel here.

Stellwerk Herzogenrath


Our signalbox is located along the following 3 lines:

  • 2543 Herzogenrath Grenze (border) - Herzogenrath
  • 2550 Aachen - Kassel
  • 2570 Stolberg - Herzogenrath (Ringbahn)

Neighbouring Dispatching Areas

Line Landgraaf - Herzogenrath (yellow line)

The line from Herzogenrath towards Landgraaf is a cross-border route towards the Netherlands. The station there are Landgraaf and Heerlen. It is a non-electrified line and is regularly serviced by diesel multiple unita (DMU) of the series BR 643.2. Our neighbouring dispatcher here is the dispatcher in Landgraaf. All trains need to offered to the neighbour prior to sending it out. Track direction can only be changed via the DET with the command "EA,870".


Line Stolberg - Herzogenrath (brown line)

The line from Stolberg to Herzogenrath is a part of the circle line around Aachen. It currently ends in Eschweiler St.Jöris, which is also the end point for services on of this route. It is a non-electrified line and is regularly service by BR 643.2 DMU's. Our neighbour here is the dispatcher of Stolberg. Offering trains is omitted here, as one train at the time may be on this line. Track direction can only be changed via the DET with the command "EA,890".


Line Aachen - Kassel (green line)

The electronic signal box (ESTW) Geilenkirchen took over de control of the section between Herzogenrath and Rheydt. At that same moment, the station of Übach-Palenberg was changed into a simple halt, where trains from both directions could have their stop. We can see this on the left side of the panel (tracks 9001 and 9004). On the left side, the line connects us with the station of Geilkirchen, with the dispatcher of Geilenkirchen as our neighbouring dispatcher. Field A9293 is used offer traffic on the contra track towards Geilenkirchen. Field A9003 is used for offering trains from Geilenkirchen on contra track .


On the right side we have the line into the direction of Aachen West. The next controlled area there is Überleitstelle (Üst) Richterich, being controlled by our neighbouring dispatcher of Aachen West. Both track there have the possibility for GWB (running on contra track/left hand running). Offering trains towards Üst Richterich is done using field A151. Field A171 is used to offer trains coming from Üst Richterich on contra track.


Stations and Sidings

Station of Kohlscheid

Der Bahnhof Kohlscheid wird von Herzogenrath aus Ferngesteuert. Hier steht vor Ort ein Dr S600 Stellwerk. In der Regel läuft der Bahnhof Kohlscheid alleine im Selbststellbetrieb. Regionalzüge halten hier gelegentlich, in der Regel solche mit der Relation Aachen - Eschweiler St.Jöris oder nach Landgraaf. Alle anderen Züge fahren hier durch. Aufpassen solltest du hierbei wenn du von Kohlscheid aus ins Gegengleis Richtung Aachen West fahren möchtest. Da dir eine Weichenverbindung fehlt musst du du bereits ab Herzogenrath im Gegengleis fahren.

Overview of endbuttons Kohlscheid

(Start)/Target Description
Kohlscheid - Herzogenrath normal track 172II
Kohlscheid - Herzogenrath contra track 152I
Kohlscheid - Üst Richterich normal track 171I
Kohlscheid - Üst Richterich contra track 151I

Station of Herzogenrath

The signals Asig A805 and F860, and the Asig N1 and P2 are equipped with auto-fleeting. However, this is not very useful as this will only set routes through the station via the main tracks and therefor you will have to intervene regularly. There are 4 platforms tracks in total, namelijk track 55, 1, 2 and 3. Track 55 is used for ending DMUs only, as that track is not electrified. Track 1, 2 and 3 can be used for regional trains having their stop here. You have to be aware that trains from Eschweiler St. Jöris can only be routed towards track 1 or 3, since switch 095 is just a crossing.

Overview of route end buttons Herzogenrath

Description Endbutton
towards Eschweiler St. Jöris F,yyy.890II
towards Geilenkirchen normal track 880II
towards Geilenkirchen contra track 860II
towards Landgraaf F,yyy.870II
Herzogenrath - Kohlscheid normal track 850
Herzogenrath - Kohlscheid contra track 803

Overview of endbuttons Herzogenrath

(Start)/Target Description
.N1 straight D-Weg with Vmax
.N1R D-Weg to the right with Vmax 60
.P2 long D-Weg with Vmax
.P2K short D-Weg with Vmax 60 up to W4
.P3 long D-Weg on the mainline
.P3K short D-Weg up to W6

Deviating S600 commands

For the signals and switches in the station area of Herzogenrath, the signal and switch numbers used for the DET differ from their numbers as indicated on the panel. For example: The signal on the panel being labelled P001, has to be entered into the DET as just P1. Same applies for switches: to command switch 001 on the panel, just enter "1" for this switch. Thus, omit any leading zeros of a signal or switch when entering commands for it into DET.

Bl 1
Inbound from left
Bl 2
Outbound towards left
Bl 3
Track direction
1 G890.P3 N1.880II EA,890
2 F860.P2 F,N1,890II EA,870
3 F860.P3 F,N3,870II
4 H870.P3 F,N3,890II
5 - N3.880II
Bl 4
Inbound from right
Bl 5
Outbound towards right
Bl 6
1 A805.N1 P2.850
2 A805.N1P P3.850
3 A805.N3 P4.850
4 A805.N4
5 -


Train Announcement indicator (Anrückmelder)

A so-called "Anrückmelder" (Train Announcement indicator) has been installed due to the long distance between Eschweiler St. Jöris and our entry signal G890. This indicator starts to flash red when the train approaches the Esig G890. This is the sign for you to set the entry route into the station.


The indicator will stop flashing, as soon as you have set the entry route.


"Buttons Locked"-indicator (Tastensperrmelder)

The so-called "Tastensperrmelder" ("Buttons Locked"-indicator) indicates the following:

  • dark (off) : when a route is set using the button on the panel.
  • red : a route is being set using the DET or the auto-fleeting of a signal is currently setting a route.
  • red blinking : the dispatcher has executed a command, which cannot be executed by the interlocking system (i.e. throwing a switch using the WGT, whilst the switch is (manually) locked)

You will find these indicator for the stations of Kohlscheid and Herzogenrath.


Additional counters

In addition to the available auxiliary log printer, there are also two common counters for counting operations which are subject to logging. These counters also work in case the auxiliary log fails:

  • Weichengesamtzählwerk - WGZ: counts all operations requiring logging related to switches.
  • Signal- und Fahrstraßengesamtzählwerk - SFGZ: counts all operations requiring logging related to signals and routes.
Signal- und Fahrstraßengesamtzählwerk

Additional indicators - signal box Kohlscheid

Since signal box Kohlscheid is a remotely controlled signal box, some additional indicators are built into the panel providing information about the condition of signals and switches of the remotely controlled signal box.

  • IndicatorS (Signalstörmelder) : indicates that a signal has been extinguished in the area of signal box Kohlscheid.
  • IndicatorSFL (Signalfehlermelder) : indicates that a signal in the area of signal box Kohlscheid has a defect in a main filament of a lamp.
  • IndicatorW (Weichenstörmelder) : indicates a malfunction malfunction of a switch in the area of signal box Kohlscheid.
  • IndicatorErs (Ersatzsignalkontrollmelder) : indicates that none of the signals in the area of signal box Kohlscheid is showing the signal aspect Zs1 or Zs7. The indicator will be lit then. The indicator will be flashing as long as a signal over there is showing aspect Zs1 or Zs7.

Remote control status indicators

Since the set routes are not fully displayed in the station Kohlscheid, there are some remote control status indicators for the signal box of Kohlscheid. These indicators give an optical feedback to the dispatcher about whether setting a route is being executed or not. The indicators have the following meaning:

  • FGrM lit: there is no change in the area of responsibility of signal box Kohlscheid.
  • FMB lit: a change is taking place in the area of responsibility of signal box Kohlscheid. For example, a route is being set or track section is getting occupied or unoccupied.

Note: Only one of the indicators "FBM" and "FGrM" will be lit at the same time when something is changing in the area of Kohlscheid. So they will be blinking in turn.


Overview Offering Trains Using DET

More information : Control Monitor Sp Dr S 600

Track Offering field Neighbour Example
9003 9003 Geilenkirchen ANB-456456,9003 + ZNS
9232 9232 Geilenkirchen ANB-789789,9232 + ZNS
151 151 Üst Richterich ANB-123123,151 + ZNS
171 171 Üst Richterich ANB-456456,171 + ZNS
870 - Landgraaf Tel.


Short Name Full Name
KADA Alsdorf-Annapark
KADP Alsdorf-Poststraße
KAW Aachen West
KDAB Alsdorf-Busch
KEJS Eschweiler St.Jöris
KGEK Geilenkirchen
KHEZ Herzogenrath
KKOS Kohlscheid
KMAD Alsdorf-Mariadorf
KMK Herzogenrath A.Schmidt-Platz
KMKW Herzogenrath Alt-Merkstein
KRIC Üst Richterrich
KUBP Übach-Palenberg
KXH Herzogenrath Grenze
XNH Heerlen
XNLG Landgraaf

Track lengths


Track Length (m)
Herzogenrath 1 320
Herzogenrath 2 407
Herzogenrath 3 262
Herzogenrath 4 513
Herzogenrath 5 449
Herzogenrath 6 449
Herzogenrath 7 445
Herzogenrath 55 195


Track Length (m)
Kohlscheid 1 215
Kohlscheid 2 250

Auto fleeting

Signal Type Target
Bf Herzogenrath
ESig A805 SB-D ASig N001
ASig P002 SB-D 850
ESig F860 SB-D ASig P002
ASig N001 SB-D n.Geilenkirchen 880II
Bf Kohlscheid
ESig F152 SB-D Asig P102
ASig N101 SB-D n.Herzogenrath 172II
ASig P102 SB-D n.Richterich 171I
ESig A151 SB-D ASig N101

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