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Fax window en.png

The Fax window is accessible from the Manage menu. You may also access this window by clicking on the green Fax icon.png rectangle in the status bar. The fax system is used to enable and disable additional traffic.

The window has four tabs: Sent, Received, Trash and Traffic Information. Fax messages that you send will appear in the Sent tab, while messages you receive will appear in the Received list. Fax messages that you no longer want can be placed in the Trash list.

Selecting a fax message listed in any of the first three tabs will be displayed in the right side of the window.

The Traffic Information tab shows which traffic codes are currently active, and which traffic codes are inactive.

Sending a Fax

To create a new fax message, first click the New Fax button. An empty fax message will appear. A fax message consists of the following:

Fax send en.png
The fax number of the intended recipient. To send to everyone instead, use the Send To All checkbox.
A short bit of text describing the nature of the fax message.
Traffic Codes
(optional) Used to enable or disable additional traffic. Refer to the article on traffic codes.
The full message.

When you are satisfied with your draft, press Send to begin sending the message. Each message takes a few seconds to actually send, so you will have to wait before you are able to send a subsequent fax message.

When the message is sent, it will appear in the sent list. Similarly, received and trashed messages appear in their respective lists.

Fax list en.png

You may omit dashes from the fax number, or you may include them if you so desire.

Fax numbers for each simulation are listed in the Project Rheingold Phone Directory.

Receiving a Fax

When a fax message is received, the green Fax icon.png rectangle in the status bar will blink, and is accompanied by a "beep" sound. In the Fax Window, the newly received message will be found at the top of the Received list. Select the message to view it in its entirety. The format of a fax message is similar to what is shown below.

Fax printed en.png


To put a message in the trash, right-click the message and choose Send to Trash. Only a limited number of fax messages may be placed in the trash. New messages will discard older messages in the trash, if no more room in the trash exists.

Resending a Fax

To send an existing message, right-click, and choose Resend. A new message will be created but the message contents will contain the text of the original message.

Adding/Removing Traffic Codes

To include a traffic code in a fax message, select it from the dropdown list and press the green Trafficcode add.png button. If you have previously enabled a traffic code and wish to disable it once more, select it from the dropdown list and press the red Trafficcode remove.png button. No other indication is included in the fax message - it is up to you to remember which codes you have activated.

Fax trafficcodes en.png

The red Trafficcode remove.png button is not available in the first few minutes after starting a simulation. This behaviour is intended to prevent abuse when in Line Operations.

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