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These instructions are ONLY for use in connection with the simulations of Signalsoft Rail Consultancy Ltd. In no way should these instructions be used as official documents, and should only be used for educational or reference purposes!

The Sp Dr S 60 panels often require pressing two buttons simultaneously. Traditionally, computer mouses only allow one click at a time.

If you read Press A and B together, know that with your mouse, you should first press A, then press B. You will have to press both buttons within 5 seconds (default). This time can be changed in the simulation settings. With the option "Route Setting Suggestions", the possible end (signal) buttons will shown a coloured circle around the possible end buttons.

These circles around the buttons can have the following colours:

  • Purple: button pressed (if more buttons show this color, you have pressed an invalid combination of buttons)
  • Light purple: blinking - possible target button for routes
  • Yellow: blinking - route exists, but likely not settable due to various limitations.
  • Green: the combination of buttons is accepted (The signalbox has accepted your action)
  • Red: combination of buttons valid, however operating not allowed (read the manual about the specific button!)

These pages contain descriptions of the components of the German Sp Dr S 60 dispatching system.

Elements of the Sp Dr S 60 Signal Box simulation

Running a simulation

Spdrs60 paneel vensters.png

Not shown and availability depending on simulation:

* If available at the signal box

Dispatching and Local Characteristics

Before you get your approval to run the service on a signal box, you need to find out about the local characteristics. After training as a general trainee signalman, dispatchers were always paired with a person skilled in the signal box. This chapter is the brief introduction to the area. Read it carefully. It contains very important information.

The text is "peer to peer" written as if you are in the signal box, the first day after training.

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