Throw Occupied Switch Button

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Throw Occupied Switch Button


Throwing an occupied switch (i.e., there is a train occupying the track circuit) using the WGT button is not possible. In exceedingly rare cases, it is necessary to be able to throw a switch that is occupied.


The operation of the button is identical to that of the Throw Switch Button, with the exception that the switch may be occupied. The counter next to the button is useful for documenting the action in the log.


The use of the WHT button is reserved for rare cases only! Misuse of the button can lead to derailments. Ensure that there are no trains physically occupying the switch before throwing it. At best, the switch cannot be thrown because the wheels prevent the tongues of the switch from moving. The worst case scenario is that an occupying train will derail, since part of the train is moving through "normal" branch, while another part is moving through the "reverse" branch through the switch.